Real steel medieval historical reenactment

Järjestäjä: Anatolii Shubin, Sergey Bogonenko, Evgeniy Stepanov

We present major russian historical reenactment club, with over 18 detachments in major cities of Russia and in Germany. Our emphasis is reenactment of militia and household of Germany and eastern Europe in late 14 early 15 century. We show off our real-steel fighting equipment, by ”hanging around” and arrangin short real-steel fights between two our participants. Everyone interested can look at, touch, and even try fighting with metal and wearing metal. We’ll bring sets of ”training” equipment that we normally use at our club, including soft boffers, protected shields, and martial arts protective equipment, so everyone who wants will have a possibility to fight with each other or with our representative. ocation: between Dipoli and Täffä.