Exile, Danish freeform scenario

Järjestäjä: Asbjørn Olsen

A is alone in his apartment. Looking out through the window, noticing a silhouette in the apartment across the street. The silhouette stops, and turns towards A. A crouches, almost panicky. It never turns out well when A comes into contact with other people. It is not because A doesn’t want to talk, it is just hard. And it seems like they never really want to talk to A. Maybe it is because A never gets to say anything. In another time, or another world, A is walking through the darkness. It has been a long while since the Sun went down for the last time. It is cold, it is dark, and it has been a long while since A has seen other people. Next to A, The White Cat jumps from one car roof to the next. A can hear Shadow and Loneliness Itself are in the middle of a discussion. Everyone here is missing the Sun. The White Cat notices a silhouette in the horizon, and warns everybody. They all freeze and it is suddenly very quiet. Exile is a short game about loneliness. The tone is gloom and poetic, but with a hint of hope. The playstyle switches between storytelling about A alone ad confused in the city and character play in a future where the Sun went down and never came back up. Exile is your kind of game if you like a slow and strange vibe, and if you don’t mind playing a cat, a concept or a shadow. The game takes place around the table, or at least without too much moving around. It is for 4 people, where 1 of them have read the game beforehand. It takes around 1½ hour of play. Sign up: Fri 16.00-18.00 Larp-info