Ropecon, the largest non-commercial roleplaying festival in Europe, is celebrating its 20′th birthday from 26th to 28th of July in Otaniemi, Espoo. The festival attracts over 3500 visitors for roleplaying, card games, miniatures, board games, LARPs and assorted spoken programs and workshops.

The 2013 Ropecon is the 20th annual, largest noncommercial roleplaying festival in Europe. The event has been held each year from the year 1994, though the first Ropecon was held in hotel Paasitorni, Helsinki. After realizing that the venue would not take the volume of enthusiasts the event was moved to Dipoli, Espoo, which is seeing its’ 14th Ropecon this time – fantastic!

Roleplaying enthusiasts hungry for their yearly fix of Ropecon have grown in numbers year by year. The 1994 Ropecon saw a few hundred people, and the year 2002 saw the 3000 visitor limit break. The record of visitors is held by year 2007 with a grand total of 3946 people.

Guests arrive from all across Finland and other countries, though the bulk of the visitors live near Helsinki.

Previous Ropecons and Guests of Honor:

  • 2012 
Dipoli, Espoo, 27-29.2012
 Peter Adkinson (USA)
 Larson Kasper (GER)
  • 2011
 Dipoli, Espoo, 29-31.7.2011 
Frank Mentzer (USA) 
Erik Mona (USA)
  • 2010
 Dipoli, Espoo 23-25.7.2010
 Keith Baker (USA) 
Friedemann Friese (GER)
  • 2009
 Dipoli, Espoo, 31.7-2.8.2009 
L.Scott Johnson (USA) 
Suzi Yee (USA)
 Malik Hyltoft (DK)
 Antti Malin (FIN)

 Dipoli, Espoo, 8-10.8.2008
 Greg Stolze (USA)
 Chris Pramas (USA)
 Peter Andreasen (DK)
  • 2007
 Dipoli, Espoo 10-12.8.2007 
Robin D.Laws (USA) 
Emily Care Boss (USA) 
Jakob Rune Nielsen (DK)
  • 2006
 Dipoli, Espoo 11-13.8.2006 
Kenneth Hite
Bruno Faidutti
 Olle Johnsson
 Tobias Wrigstad
  • 2005
 Dipoli, Espoo 22-24.7.2005 
Greg Stafford (USA) 
Bill Bridges
Claus Raasted (DK)

 Dipoli, Espoo 23-25.7.2004 
John Kovalic (USA) 
Erick Wujick
 Emma Wieslander (SWE)

 Dipoli, Espoo 8-10.8.2003 
Jonathan Tweet
 Ramon Laan 
Martin Ericsson

  • 2002
 Dipoli, Espoo 26-28.7.2002 
Justin Achilli 
Eirik Fatland

 Dipoli, Espoo 10-12.8.2001 
N.Robin Crossby
 Tuomas Pirinen (FIN)

 Dipoli, Espoo 4-6.8.2000
 Steve Jackson 
Richard Dansky
  • 1999
 Dipoli, Espoo 20-22.8.1999 
Mike Pondsmith
 Rick Priestley

 Dipoli, Espoo 24-26.7.1998 
Ray Greer
 Mark Rosewater
  • 1997
 Paasitorni, Helsinki 1-3.8.1997 
Greg Costikyan
  • 1996
 Paasitorni, Helsinki 2-4.8.1996 
Tom Dowd
Andy Chambers

Messukeskus (Fair Center), Helsinki 12-13.8.1995 
Sandy Petersen
  • 1994 
Paasitorni, Helsinki 6-7.8.1994 
Steve Jackson