Golden Dragon 2013 award to Kersti Juva, translator for the Finnish version of LotR trilogy

The Golden Dragon is an achievement award presented by Ropecon to an accomplished individual or professional body. The award is given annually for dedication, significant achievements and long-term work in the field of roleplaying games. This year the Golden Dragon is awarded for the 11th time. The receiver of the award is chosen from people working in subjects pertaining to the scene, journalists, game publishers and other movers and shakers.

Kersti Juva

Kersti Juva

In 2013 the Golden Dragon was given to Kersti Juva for her achievements in translating the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The secret jury gives weight to Juva’s translation as a gateway for thousands of people to reach the world of roleplaying games and culture. The enthusiasm and drive behind the translation has inspired multitudes of potential roleplayers to ponder the possibilities of living in a fantastic universe – and thus cracked open a window for roleplaying games. Another important point is that for a culture to evolve it needs a professional to give it terms, frames and thus a soul. Juva has laid the groundwork for the terms & words of the Finnish fantasy roleplaying scene.

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